Recent Publications

  • Wang Y, Asaka T:
    Muscle synergies involved in shifts of the center of pressure while standing on a narrow support.
  • Fukushima J, Asaka T, Fukushima K:
    Postural changes during eye-head movements.
  • Saito H, Asaka T, Fukushima J, Takeda N:
    Effects on Anticipatory Postural Adjustments by Repetition of the Tiptoe Movement.
  • Fukushima J, Kasahara S, Asaka T, Saito H:
    Behavioral Findings during Recovery after Experimental Stroke in Monkeys -Assessment with Modified Hand Performance Test-.
  • Fukushima J, Asaka T, Ikeda N, Ito Y:
    Postural Control during Downward Head Movements in Young Subjects.
  • Wang Y, Asaka T, Zatsiorsky VM, Latash ML:
    Muscle synergies during voluntary body sway: combining across-trials and within-a-trial analyses.